Elsie and Daniela 🌈

Elsie and Daniela 🌈
Elsie and Daniela met in 2016 when Daniela started working for the same company as Elsie. Both had long term boyfriends at the time. They began to grow a friendship really quickly within the office but it didn’t take long before it blossomed into a best friend situation out of work. They began working out together, eating out to restaurants together, picking up coffee for each other, going hiking, and anything else you could think of. Daniela felt such a strong connection to Elsie. She made her feel excited, happy, safe, and like she could be 100% herself. Daniela convinced herself it was a soulmate connection that she found in a friend. Elsie felt the same but of course, the two never thought anything of it. With both having boyfriends and their only ones they’ve really had at that, there was no way in each of their minds that anything could happen with each other. Not only that, but they both never considered themselves gay, lesbian, bi, or queer. They both had indescribable feelings for each other. Daniela never wanted to leave when they’d hang out and Elsie (who was the worst texter in the world) texted Daniela back immediately from the moment they woke up until they went to sleep. They were obviously falling in love but they were in denial. Never having any experience like this in their lives was really scary. Elsie and Daniela thought they were going to marry the ones they were with and so did their families. One day, they both came to the realization that what they felt was love for each other and they either had to make the decision to break up with their boyfriends and be together or stop being in each other’s lives. Both couldn’t fathom living without the other and that’s when they made the decision to tell their boyfriends and be with each other. Never in Daniela’s life did she think she’d have to come out and neither did Elsie. They are both Hispanic. Elsie is Mexican and Daniela is Costa Rican. It’s not the most accepted thing in their cultures so it was scary. And, all this time everyone thought they were just friends so the news would be a shock to them. It was the hardest thing each person had to do but they knew they would continue living a lie if they did anything different. Daniela came out to her immediate family and although they were shocked, the majority of her family gave her love and support. Elsie’s mom and sister were just as supportive and loving. For Daniela and Elsie leaving long term boyfriends, barely finding out who they truly were, and coming out was the bravest thing they've ever done. Some family members have very strong opinions and don’t agree with everything still to this day but Elsie and Daniela are in love, the happiest they’ve ever been, and so proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Daniela and Elsie both identify themselves as pansexual and have been together for 3 years in Nov. 😊💕

We hope this story brings bravery and strength to those in similar situations. And for those who aren’t as lucky to have families as accepting as we do, the LGBTQ+ community is your family and we are all here for each other!


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