Gay Pride Apparel

Est. in 2019

Gay Pride Apparel is a first-generation Mexican-American & LGBTQ+-owned brand focused on empowerment, pride, and authenticity for year-round pride. We make high-quality products for all identities. We have been trusted with over 33,000 orders in three short years of being around & we are proud of every single order! 

Our Motto: Be you. Be proud. Year round.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. It is to bring pride to every single person on the planet. We started our store for those who do not have access to local pride, a local pride store, or who live in a place that is not as progressive as the big cities.

Imagine this. You live in a small town. You want to show your pride. But you can't find any way to show it. So you find us! We ship to you. Discreetly. And you have a piece of our store that helps you feel empowered. and proud.

That's who we are here for.

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Our Quality

We partner with amazing facilities that print all of our items on demand. That means that every single product is printed, inspected, and packaged just for you! Catch a sneak-peek at our printing process below!


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