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Ambassador Program

Jesus & Sergio here, founders of Gay Pride Apparel. We heard you loud and clear! You want to help us spread the word about our great mission, great products, and amazing community. 

Finally, we are excited to announce that we will be launching our very own ambassador program! 

At this time, we are only taking applications and we will be reaching out to you within the coming weeks if you are selected to join our ambassador team! 


- Earn $2 for every order that uses your discount code

- Exclusive 20% discount code for you, your friends, your family, and your social media networks

- Exclusive access to Ambassador Facebook group/IG DM group 

- Exclusive features on Gay Pride Apparel Social Media 

- Exclusive features on Gay Pride Apparel campaign shoots/videos/content 

- Monthly zoom calls with Jesus & Sergio... just for fun!

1. Apply via this page
2. Get approved/invited to join 
3. Join exclusive DM group/Facebook Group 
4. Be part of something great!
The Basics: 
- Be inclusive 
- Show kindness
- Be proud 
The Technical Stuff: 

- Must be over 18 years old 

- Must display "Gay Pride Apparel Ambassador" on social media profiles w/ discount code link 

- Must provide us with 5-10 images per free product received

- Must share Gay Pride Apparel Instagram posts on Instagram Story 

- Must have an active Instagram/Twitter/Facebook 

Gay Pride Apparel has the right to revoke ambassador status for any reason and at any time. 

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