Where To Buy Pride Clothes in 2023

Where To Buy Pride Clothes in 2023

Pride 2023 is around the corner and if you have made it to this post... you must be looking for the best place to find pride apparel this year!

Buying pride apparel is interesting. You can either go to a big store and buy something that has no tie to the community or you can shop small and from queer people. 

We do not shame you on any decision you make. If the big store is the most accessible then that is what you have. It's amazing! 

If you want to shop small and from queer humans - you made it to the right store! 

My name is Jesus. I am one of the co-founders of this store alongside Sergio. We created this store for a few reasons: 

  1. To create cute queer art and wear it 24/7 - beyond just pride month!
  2. To provide our community with an online store they can rely on for their pride needs!
  3. To spread our mission of inclusion, acceptance, and authenticity to every corner of the internet! 

We started in 2019 and... I think we've hit all 3 marks! 

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