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Your Safety is Important to Us

When we launched in 2019 we were LOUD & PROUD about being an LGBTQ+ store. Our packaging reflected that. But, after a few months, we heard from you that you wanted some privacy.

It's not about shame. It's about safety. Not everyone who shops from Gay Pride Apparel has the privilege to be out and proud. And we recognize that.

What does discreet mean?

Will my credit card statement show up as Gay Pride Apparel?

No! Our credit card statements will show "GP Apparel" and will not have any mention of LGBTQ+ content.

What will the package look like for my order?

All of our packages are blank. Whether its a brown cardboard box, or a grey/white plastic mailer.

Where does the package come from?

Our orders ship from over a dozen warehouses across the globe. These warehouses do not have any relation to LGBTQ+ content. All shipping labels have the address and simply come from "GP Apparel" (which matches the credit card statement).

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