We are Jesus & Sergio. Two life-long best friends turned iconic power couple. We met in 6th grade in 2006, we fell in love in 2017, we moved across the country in 2018, and we founded
Gay Pride Apparel in 2019. 


We are Gay Pride Apparel. Our motto is "Be You. Be Proud." We strive to create high-quality garments with cheeky, political, and simple designs. The world is too beautiful to stay in the closet. Be out for those who can't. 


We print our products with care at our fulfillment centers in LA, Charlotte, Mexico, and Riga. Everyone enjoys paid time off, healthcare benefits, and a safe and friendly work environment.

Each facility has implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives, like LED lighting and recycling programs for paper, plastic, and glass. All ink waste is disposed of to meet environmental regulations. We also donate damaged products to charitable organizations.


  1. Acceptance
  2. Love
  3. Support
  4. Giving Back